Producing an animation of Cartoon Mascot Speaking Character

Character Animation is not just for kids!  You might be interested in a cartoon mascot or already have one that you wish to use for advertising.  From Educational Training videos to popcorn Movie Entertainment, Character Animation is used all around the world in many different ways, and will leave strong impressions in the mind of the viewing audience.  

Although Character Mascots are great advertising tools, how much should a few simple seconds of animation really cost?  The answer is that there are many different factors when it comes to a finished animation. Much like everything the more time spent on your animation project the better finished product, knowing the direction of where you wish to take your character saves you time and money.

Here are a few things you will want to know:

  1. What is your budget range?
  2. Establish your Character, do you have an example of your concept?
  3. Is this going to be a 2D or 3D Character?
  4. Do you want your character to be posable, or ready to use for animation?
  5. Is your Character going to talk, and if so, will you need an actor?
  6. Will you want a background for your animation?
  7. Will you want sound effects?

Knowing the budget range you have to work with gives our producers a better idea of what is possible within that target range.  With so many options available and different variables, it saves time to know if your character will be used one time, or will be need to be repurposed for cross platforms.

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